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quietearth [Celluloid 03.23.09] movie news horror

A psalm of David, Psalm 21 praises God in the first half, and lays out revenge for His enemies in the second which is obviously where the story gets it's tone. Billed as a psychological thriller (but it looks like horror to me), it's about a priest who investigates his fathers death and apparently (from what I can gather from the translation) awakens some supernatural forces who are hell bent on revenge. For what, I don't know. This is the feature directorial debut of Fredrik Hiller whose done quite a bit of acting, and I have to say, it looks pretty good.

Psalm 21 is a thriller about Henrik, a modern young priest living in Stockholm. He has nightmares about his dead mother. One day, he recieves word from the coronary in a remote village, deep in the dark woods of Nothern Sweden: his father, a priest himself, has drowned. The circumstances of the drowning are unexplained.

Henrik drives through the endless forests of Northern Sweden up to the desolate village of his father to investigate the circumstances of his demise. As he learns more about the drowning - and about his father - the door to the unknown cracks open. Shadows from the past emerge from the void. They return to our world with one specific purpose.


UPDATED: Thanks to director Fredrik Hiller we now have a proper English synopsis above.

Trailer after the break.

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JCarson (12 years ago) Reply

The Swedes seem to be doing pretty well lately in the horror genre. Good for them! Hollywood and its remakes can suck it.

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