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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.25.09] post apocalyptic zombies movie news horror art

As aficionados of all things zombie, we here at Quiet Earth have been following the production (or lack thereof as the case may be) of Worst Case Scenario, an ambitious Nazi zombie film whose teaser trailer had every horror fan from here to salt lake City in a tizzy (that teaser here) for over two years. Well news on that film's front is that everyone should stop holding their breath and counting their chickens because WCS looks to be DOA.

However don't loose all hope. The film's creator, Richard Raaphorst, has recently told Twitch that they are hard at work on creating another project that would incorporate many of the ideas that excited everyone in the first place. They even passed along a fantastic early piece of concept art that will really get the imagination working overtime. These guys don't exactly have the best track record at being able to package and produce a full fledged project but hopefully they can get whatever Army of Frankenstein is off the ground because it looks kick-ass.

Concept art after the break.

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S (13 years ago) Reply

wait.. this is a different project.. how exactly?
if it's a different story, sure, but it looks the same, so wouldn't it be easier to just try market it as the same thing?

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