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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.27.09] post apocalyptic news book

Man, I LOVE mail! Especially when something totally unexpected shows up that looks as cool as this 1961 novel called "Twilight World" by Poul Anderson. My pals Arthur and Joscelin sent it to me (thanks guys!). I've never heard of it, but as a lover of retro scifi fiction I have to say the plot synopsis has me reeling with anticipation:

It finally happened... The time is shortly after the Great Nuclear Spasm: in all the world there is nothing but ruin, famine, barbarism. Worst of all, residual radiation is causing an ever increasing rate of abnormal births. The human race is doomed to slow extinction, but among the ever increasing numbers of mutants a few are not less but more than what came before.

Yet, even for them, survival is a fading hope as the nations once more grope towards their former power, and prepare to wage another war. If the few supernormals are to become the new bearers of the human heritage they must find a way to leave the ruined earth.

I looked him up and I guess Poul Anderson's fiction is of the same ilk as Isaac Asimov, Stephen Baxter and Ray Bradbury. I also found out that his daughter, Astrid, is married to current scifi favorite Greg Bear. Weird. Yep, good mail day.

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Egads! That's a BIG list. Thanks Jack.

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