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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.30.09] zombies movie trailer horror

Writer / director Andrew Miles brings us the next film in a long line of new and trend setting Australian horror titles. It's called Fragment (previously "Shape") and looks to be quite a dark psychological trip.

The film, which started life on a shoestring, managed to find major backing through a number of strange twists of fate which is why it took a while to complete, but it looks great. Maybe because it also ended up scoring the Connelly FX Team who did the makeup for WOLF CREEK.

When LLOYD, a photographer slowly dying of a brain tumor, realises the growth killing him is breathing life into the recently dead, he uses his camera lens as the conduit to reanimation. After discovering a disturbing snuff film of a beautiful naked woman being tortured and murdered, he is compelled to bring her back to life. Enchanted by her grace and charm he resurrects her night after night and gradually falls in love. However, each night Lloyd also unwittingly resurrects her killer...

We scooped the trailer after the break off of Fangoria who have the whole story about the making of the film if you so desire to learn more.

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