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Christopher Webster [Contests 05.08.09] movie trailer news contest horror

Quiet Earth and the good people at Revolver Entertainment wanted to send you a copy of Steven Sheil's provocative debut film, MUM & DAD when it came out on R1 DVD (May 5, 2009).

Our London correspondent Ben Austwick saw the film and loved it (review) and I've seen it and got my head blown off. It's truly is one of the most disturbing Brit-shockers to emerge in recent years.

WINNERS: Jason Berry, Christine Fidance and Zacery Nova. You will be mailed your dvds asap. Thanks to all who entered.

Go to the film's official website to watch the trailer and get more information on this release of Mum and Dad.

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Jimmy Black (13 years ago) Reply

I heard this film is very disturbing.....I will have a look when it come out on May 5th.


ZaceryNova (13 years ago) Reply

I won! Yay, thanks guys.

- Zac

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