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quietearth [Celluloid 04.14.09] movie news scifi drama

Ever wanted some hardcore consciousness transfer scifi like Charles Platt's The Silicon Man? Well I do, and there's a lot more we can add to the list. While I don't think there's a movie thats done the subject justice yet (correct me if I'm wrong), we might be getting one by way of Germany courtesy of director Damir Lukacevic. Details are sparse but it's in production right now and it's a sci-fi drama about a biomedical facility that offers its aging patients the possibility of transferring their mind and memories into young healthy bodies culled from the Third World. This, like half the other films on the planet now, is being shot on Red. Ever wonder if the Red folks are planning world domination? Will their cameras suddenly gain consciousness and revolt?

The film's plot centers on the elderly couple Hermann and Anna who have the dream of beginning anew at the end of their lives. In a sanatorium, they buy the young bodies of Apolain and Sarah for a million Euros and, in a personality transfer developed in Germany, the couple received control over these bodies for 20 hours each day. Apolain and Sarah are only themselves again for four hours each night.

More as it comes.

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agentorange (13 years ago) Reply

John Frankenheimer's 1966 film "Seconds" is a classic. Not exactly consciousness transfer but the same idea.


Zapi (12 years ago) Reply

I saw it, and it's not particularly good.


Neela307 (12 years ago) Reply

Can't thing anything about it except it's in German and a short synopsis. So u wouldn't recommend it?

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