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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.15.09] post apocalyptic movie news book

Wow, this Jackson Curtis dude looks a lot like actor John Cusack doesn't he? Okay you got us, this isn't news of an actual novel but more viral marketing for Roland Emmerich's 2012. But are there clues about the film's tightly guarded storyline in this fictitious novel's synopsis? Or does it simply give us a glimpse into Cusack's character as a writer and passionate, spiritual environmentalist?

Farewell Atlantis is a large sprawling tale of conspiracy, politics and ideology. With his thorough research and lucid writing style, Curtis explores the apocalyptic realm through the complementary lens of science and art, and presents a bold exploration of the human spirit. The novel aims to educate readers on reclaiming their birthright as owners of the planet rather than victims or subjects to the political, education and economic machinery while awakening them to a higher global evolution of consciousness.

As the story unfolds, Curtis delves into the lost knowledge of the 'ancient ones,' sacred sites, shamans and interdimensional worlds. He blends the events of many years throughout history with the events of today and the conspiracy theories into a story of tomorrow. An intricate plot, skilled narrative technique and well developed characters make this a novel most readers will find absorbing and comprehensible.

Some of you may remember that the film's current title, "2012," was originally supposed to be a working title. Emmerich's film was to be called "Farewell Atlantis" until cooler heads prevailed and let it remain the cryptic numbers.

For more information on the novel "Farewell Atlantis" check out

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michelle_b (10 years ago) Reply

Interesting, that first chapter.. It captured my imagination as I read along, envisioning the expression on Martins face... Loved the film, and was on the edge of my seat, covering my face in an imaginary attempt to hide my eyes from the impending doom to come... I have to admit that no movie has held me like that in a very long time... Thank you..


raven (10 years ago) Reply

your book is nice i want to read the next chapters i have a question in my mind does this book available in the Philippines?


pranavan (10 years ago) Reply

i saw the 2012 movie very suspicious...


Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

fatastic iove di movie just super


amber (9 years ago) Reply

this movie was the best of them all. i wish you could make another one.!!!! it would be awesome. i loved it to the very end of the movie. i love Jackson Curtis/John Cusac you or he was the best part of the movie please contack me. i wish that i could one day meet John Cusac. that would be the cooliest thing in my whole entire life.


Randy (9 years ago) Reply

Wow I would really appreciate if someone could tell me where to get a copy of this book. Because I looked on the official webpage, and there was no place where it said you could buy the book. But definetley I would appreciate it if someone could tell me where to buy it.


Anonymous (9 years ago) Reply

I read the first chapter and I really want to buy the book, where can i get it form ?


fernando (9 years ago) Reply

I love the movie and i read the first chapter of the book and its really intresting i would like to know where to buy a copy plz contat me and let me know


Joseisvany (9 years ago) Reply

Don't forget de signs, the symbols are given,a ready


stanleyk (9 years ago) Reply

What the HELL is there really a book or not?


Lance Ullger (8 years ago) Reply

I;ve been interested in the Myans (mis-spelled) Indians calendar and how they predict the appocolips. ( again mis-spelled) They state that the 9 Planets will all line up. It only happens every 40,000 years. Something is definately goning to happen on December 21,2012, when this occurs. I don't understand why nothing has been mentioned about this spectacular event thats about to happen in approximately 20 months. We could all be bending over and kissing our asses good-bye. I also would like to find a copy of the book "Farewell Atlantis". Let me know if someone finds one. Until 12-21-12;Bye Bye for now!


paul makia (7 years ago) Reply

mind thrilling movie!!!but i was just kind of curious 'why wasn't a single African saved in China' OR was there no need since it costs billions of euros per sits

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