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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.20.09] movie news scifi horror action fantasy gallery

Wow, okay... nothing I can say about this project can beat out what we're being told about it from the production company, Moonstone Entertainment, so without further stalling here it is:

"Inspired by the vision of the greatest master of science-fiction imagery, Luis Royo, comes a haunting visual extravaganza that will take you to a world never seen before. EndGame combines high impact, "Hong Kong" style action with classic Greek mythology."

Here's the detailed plot synopsis:

After a fatal car crash, a young American mathematician finds himself among other departed souls as a chess piece in the ultimate game of the Greek gods. In this sinister region of the Underworld, he falls in love with a gorgeous Amazon warrior who wielded her sword centuries ago.

Pitted against Hades, the King of the Underworld, the young lovers must fight a nightmarish array of creatures and demons. The stakes of the game are enormous: if our heroes lose, their fate will be eternal damnation. But, if they win, they will be given the ultimate reward -- reincarnation into the world above.

The film is being directed by direct to video superstar Jenö Hodi (Metamorphosis, American Kickboxer 2) so, while it could be cool and have sweet production design, don't expect a 100 million dollar budget.

Head through the break to see some of Luis Royo's artwork and get a taste of what we might be in for.

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