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quietearth [DVD News 04.20.09] post apocalyptic movie news dvd

I don't know how we missed this one (luckily pulpmovies didn't), but don't get too excited folks. While the CGI design is pretty sweet, it doesn't make up for the severe lack of acting. Gunheavy is currently available for purchase on dvd (right here) but I'm really not sure I'd spend $19.95 on it.

After the collapse of civilization, a new world order is seemingly established by a fraternal group known as “The Founders”. In the not so distant past, a secret robotic gun had been developed by the reviled Republican Commonwealth, who were desperate to take control of the world. But the weapon had a mind of its’ own and they were unable to control it. And neither were The Founders. Now, a small group of Special Forces soldiers desert the Commonwealth and attempt to gain control of it. Rumors fly, but nobody knows for sure whether the deserters have succeeded in their quest. In an effort to gain more information, the Founders send an expendable group of conscripts to reconnoiter the area where this weapon is allegedly being kept.

Trailer after the break.

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Larry Rocha (13 years ago) Reply

Big props to BadAss Films.

Angelo is in Hawaii cooking up new ideas.

Don't forget to laugh at Armas .45!!!

Much love

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