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quietearth [Celluloid 04.22.09] movie news drama

While this is not normal QE fare, the photography and the possibilities of the storyline are just way too good to pass up. Shekhar Kapur is known for Elizabeth: The Golden Age and we all know who Julia Stiles is. Not many details are available on this, in fact it's not even listed in IMDB, but we've come across the first trailer and it's quite stunning. Let's just hope it ain't a chick flick.

Three estranged sisters reunite one night when the oldest, Ella, comes back for her two younger sisters after leaving...

Trailer after the break.

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Clarise (13 years ago) Reply

Hi, I´d been searching for the film "Three Graces" but I couldn´t find anything more than this. Do you have more information about it? I´m from Buenos Aires. Thank you very much!


quietearth (13 years ago) Reply

Huh? Is there another title?


Somu (13 years ago) Reply

Finally i saw this trailor waiting to see the movie.........
A R Rahman's music is soul stirring..........


Rodrigo Lema (13 years ago) Reply

Clarise , Three graces was the first early tittle for this shortfilm. Bye


Janak (13 years ago) Reply

Hi ALL!!

I am trying to get the movie.
Are u all interested to know about it when I get know more about it???

Even I am trying to know more... but in vain...


L (13 years ago) Reply

Longer trailer for Shekhar Kapur's PASSAGE, montage w/HD option:


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