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quietearth [Film Festival 05.07.09] movie trailer news drama

Thanks to producer Dan McCulloch we have the exclusive teaser for Gerard Johnson's first feature and Edinburgh premierer Tony which reeks of cult status. I was sold based on the synopsis alone, but after seeing the minute or so of footage here, I'm in love. The EIFF website describes this is a creepy low budget indy horror, but none of that is anywhere to be found in the teaser.. the insanity is just hinted at.

Tony is a loner with an unhealthy obsession for action films, but that doesn't stop him trying to make friends – with, for instance, the drug dealers who hang out near his home, and the ladies who advertise their services in call boxes. Neighbors, TV license inspectors, gay cruisers and junkies are all welcome at Tony’s flat... as long as they behave themselves. But when a local child goes missing, his odd lifestyle begins to attract attention – and his secrets must surely be exposed.

Teaser after the break.

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soma (13 years ago) Reply

this looks awsome


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

nice, looks like a well made urban thriller/drama. love it. more british films should have that gritty realist edge. like that new shitty shifty flick. thats complete garbage compared to this.


Noncy (13 years ago) Reply



projectcyclops (13 years ago) Reply

Ah, this is such a good film. Just had to check out the trailer again, Gerard Johnson is really one to watch. Can't wait for a DVD.

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