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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.08.09] movie news scifi comic

According to scifiwire (via variety), CBS Films has acquired the screen rights to "Station," a really interesting space station murder mystery comic published by Boom! Studios. I, Robot writer Jeff Vintar, who was recently tapped to adapt Asimov's "Foundation" for Roland Emmerich (snap), will tackle Station as well.

The International Space Station — the crowning achievement of mankind’s space program, assembled and maintained by the governments of the world’s five greatest superpowers…and the site of the ultimate locked-room mystery as one of seven astronauts aboard has targeted the others for death! A thriller in the vein of WHITEOUT!

As I'm a complete sucker for claustrophobic space adventures (see also: Sunshine, Event Horizon, Pandorum, Cargo, Alien etc etc etc) this all sounds pretty cool to me.

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