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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.12.09] post apocalyptic movie news

"The Road is no tease. It is a brilliantly directed adaptation of a beloved novel, a delicate and anachronistically loving look at the immodest and brutish end of us all. You want them to get there, you want them to get there, you want them to get there — and yet you do not want it, any of it, to end." -- Tom Chiarella, Esquire Magazine.

The first actual review of John Hillcoat's The Road has appeared online and it almost literally gushes praise. I say "actual review" because, while other people have seen early rough cuts of the film and blessed us all with their views on forums across the net, Esquire writer Tom Chiarella was given the opportunity to see the final version, totally completed. And he loved it.

The odd thing is, I couldn't bring myself to read the whole review. It's extremely detailed and I just didn't want to spoil my experience by knowing too many specifics. Of course this is weird because I've read and reviewed Joe Penhall's screenplay and have read the book, but I still didn't want to hear too much about the film itself. So, I would keep this in mind before proceeding.

You'll find the whole review here.

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RazedinBlack (11 years ago) Reply

I cannot wait to see this. The review was almost as good as a trailer.


Wilcoy (11 years ago) Reply

That's a very positve review and a good sign that the movie will have legs when it's released. Sounds like Weinstein has picked a trailer for the film so we may get our first glimpse soon.

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