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quietearth [Celluloid 05.18.09] movie news

Ok lots of stuff.. here we go.

#1: Bruce MacDonald's does Asian fetish in next film Lucky Ho

It will be backed by Arclight films and the new Canuck production co Foundtain features. It's an action thriller about a teenage Kung Fu fighter in a schoolgirl uniform. via THR

#2: New poster for Metropia

Vincent Gallo voices in this paranoid mindf*ck. (teaser). via Catsuka

#3: Mad Max 4 shooting at the end of 2009?

What happened to the anime? (news here) George Miller has reportedly started scouting locations and might be shooting by the end of the year. Sorry folks, Gibson won't be returning. via contact music

#4: Jake West's (Doghouse) next film will be Kill Darlings

UHM reports in an interview: "One of them is called Kill Darlings that is based off a comic book he wrote that has not been published yet. Its kind of like American Psycho meets A Clockwork Orange, its about psychotic killer models; these high fashioned models who go on a killing spree but they only really kill celebrities. Its really insane and quite satirical as well and it will be full on horror."

#5: Scorsese doing Sinatra biopic

As many of you know by know Scorsese will be doing a biopic of Sinatra next, and as a big fan of ol' blue eyes will those people calling for Johnny Depp (who sucks) to play Sinatra PLEASE STOP! This deserves someone far more low key, the actor needs to be the character, not the other way around.

#6: Shane Meadows doing horror next!

This is awesome news, the great director of Somers Town, This is England, and Dead Man's Shoes will be doing a film called Beware The Devil next. There's no more info on it right now unfortunately. via Twitch

#7: Takashi Miike set to do manga adaptation Takeru after Thirteen Assassins remake

Takeru is set in a sci-fi fantasy world called Yamato, which is described as “an amalgam of feudal and futuristic Japan”. “Summoner of Spirit Worlds” and all-around bad boy Takeru uses his superhuman powers to protect and win over the woman he loves. The budget will be 30$ million, and yup, greenscreen. via nipponcinema

#8: Pontypool 2 is coming!

Word is Bruce MacDonald is teaming up with Tony Burgess again to bring us a sequel called Pontypool Changes. While no plot details have emerged, I'm friggin excited, I loved this film. (review) via Twitch

#9: Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon sequel on the way?

In an interview with Icons of Fright, writer David J. Stieve said thanks to consistently healthy dvd sales, there's been interest in a sequel. The interest is legit enough to get him and director Scott Glosserman started on the story. If you haven't checked this flick out I'd highly recommend it. trailer

#10: Cyberpunk anime Bubblegum Crisis going live action backed by SIX countries!

While I repeatedly say I'm no anime fan, I do like live action adaptations, especially of weird stuff like this. In the English language with a $30 million budget, the U.K, China, U.S, Japan, Canada, and Singapore are all involved. Here's a synopsis (which is by no means complete): The year is 2032, and MegaTokyo, the metropolis at the center of Japan, is still slowly piecing itself back together after the destruction of the Second Great Kanto Earthquake. The Genom Corporation, known for their intelligent labor robots (called Boomers), took a major role in the rebuilding of Tokyo, and as a result has become one of the largest corporations in the world. However, Genom and its megalomaniacal leader have their sights set on no less than world domination. via 24fps

#11: New film from producers of Inside

They've teamed up to produce a film which will be directed by first-timer Kristoffer Aaron Morgan. THE HOME is set in a nursing facility where a firefighter arrives to recuperate from severe injuries suffered in a failed rescue attempt. The other, elderly residents are suffering from horrible visions, and our hero soon discovers that what they’re seeing are real nightmare creatures. via Fangoria

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uh so yeah johnny depp does not suck..he's one of the most original and versatile actors around right now and i think pretty much evry1 else would agree!! :)

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