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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.21.09] movie trailer news cyberpunk scifi

In his review of Terminator: Salvation, quietearth admitted his admiration for T3, an admittance that is causing quite some debate in the comments section. For some reason I love the irony of Jonathan Mostow's new film, Surrogates, releasing it's first official trailer on the same day. It's weird when stuff like that happens.

Anyway, Peter Sciretta who dropped the trailer over at /Film mentions that, for a comic that is often described as being a lot like Blade Runner the movie ended up looking a lot like I, Robot. This is certainly true, though I'm not ready to hold it against the film just yet. I like the idea of a world that looks like it was designed by Mac or some other benign corporation that thinks they're just turning the world into a technological utopia when really, if you dig down deep, it's actually rotten to the core.

I also really like the basic story and the idea that nobody ever relates to each other anymore unless it's as a robot. This idea was explored briefly in Philip K. Dick's "The Crack in Space" and I always thought it warranted it's own tale. I just hope the film doesn't end up being too in love with its own vision of the future that it looses track of the story, and that the mystery and suspense is sustained without resorting to a bunch of over-the-top action set pieces like I, Robot did.

Trailer after the break.

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Jim Beck (13 years ago) Reply

That looks pretty good! Hey off-topic, but is the name of this site a reference to the movie "The Quiet Earth"? If so, has anyone found a copy of the book? It's pretty hard to find. Thanks! Jim. p.s. Thanks for having this web site. I just discovered it and now I check it daily - really great.


Mr Original (13 years ago) Reply

Yeah I'm sure I read that The Quite Earth is one of the site creaters favourite films.

Anyway, Surrogates looks alright and has grabbed my interested now(Never heard of the Novel). I like the concept. The Surrogates are like a living 'Second Life' avatar. The cgi looks just okay but that's cool. I am a big fan of the Willis too. Winner!

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