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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.22.09] movie trailer news action

The first trailer for Marco Mak's new wuxia comedy, from the producers of Forbidden Kingdom and Kung Fu Hustle, may not play up the comedy as much as the high flying rooftop antics but Tracing Shadow looks to be shaping up to be quite the decent adventure yarn.

It is the Ming Dynasty and Chaos reigns. There are many Kung-fu masters from different regions that are fighting ruthlessly for a mysterious treasure map hidden inside the Ming palace. Amidst such combat, the map unexpectedly disappeared. Five of the Kung-fu masters trace the map’s location to a small village and there they disguise themselves as ‘ordinary’ people among the villagers in hope of finding the map. Among them are a Mongolian Warrior and a Japanese Ninja, posing as a married couple in the village.

On the surface, the five masters are friendly loving neighbours however they are actually very cunning and competitive trying to outdo each other to be the first to locate the map. One day their wealthy landlord reveals that he possesses the map which sparks an explosive chain of events in this once small and ordinary village.

Check out the trailer after the break. Big ups to Avery for the heads up.

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