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Christopher Webster [DVD News 05.25.09] scifi dvd documentary

Erik Nelson's look inside the take-no-prisoners mind of one of science fiction's loudest voices is a viewing opportunity none of you should miss. Harlan Ellison, who of course has written some of my favorite stories ("A Boy and his Dog," "The Deathbird"), is one of the most charismatic and acerbic authors in the world and, whether you agree with some of his views on writing or the entertainment industry or not, it's virtually impossible to stop listening to him.

Ellison is currently making headlines for his legal battle over royalties he claims are still owed to him from a Star Trek episode he wrote back in 1967 called The City on the Edge of Forever. Widely considered one of the best episodes of the original series, it even won the 1968 Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation.

After the break is a fairy typical excerpt / rant from the film in which Ellison bemoans the fact that Hollywood hates paying writers for anything and tells a story about his dealings with Warner Brothers when they wanted to use an interview with him on their Bablyon 5 DVD. It's priceless.

You can order Dreams With Sharp Teeth on DVD here.

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wolfeyes (13 years ago) Reply

Haha... Ellison could do stand up. I half expected him to start screaming "Assassins! Murderers!" I hope he got a copy of this DVD.


wolfeyes (13 years ago) Reply

Come to think of it, he has spoken word albums which is like high brow stand up. You can't listen to this guy without becoming a bit wiser for it. I think his salient point in this excerpt is that your soul is in the piss.

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