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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.27.09] movie news experimental

And now for something completely different. Coming out of the Slovenian experimental film scene is a new work by director Ema Kugler which has caught our eye. It's tentatively called Supranova but, from what we can tell, a more literal translation of its Slovenian title,"Za konec časa," is "For the End of Time."

The film is intended as an intense philosophical exploration into the age-old division between body and soul so we fully expect it to be spiritually unnerving and difficult family viewing for all ages. However, with these first images from the film looking so stunning, it's a film we're absolutely dying to see more from it.

Synopsis (translated):
The end time is a film on the soul, the body and the inability to join the two entities, which constitute the form of civilization, which is called man. Man not being in itself, is a construct, a civilization where the exact time and space. Man is not one single thing, is split among many things, a most serious split in this case, it bears within itself, between the soul and the body... as life is nothing but a constant battle of these two entities, the two biggest potential conflicts of ... as every individual is anything other than a manifestation of a constant conflict of the two foreigners in yourself... for the end of time, the movie about the search ... the eternal longing by ... "Find what?"

We don't know much about the film's actual story - if there even is on- so we won't speculate on how it might turn out. But, if it's anything like the work of Alejandro Jodorowsky (which it sounds like it is), it could be a series of haphazardly stitched together vignettes which could be pretty wild.

Check out the first three stills after the break.

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