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quietearth [Celluloid 05.27.09] trailer news short steampunk

Thanks to our friends over at Opium (really you should check their site out, it's like the Polish Quiet Earth) for pointing out the latest short from Polish animation house Platige (check out Teaching Infinity) and animator and Oscar nominee Tomek Baginski (The Cathedral, 2003). The story is based ona graphic novel by Mateusz Szutnik from the 'Revolutions' series.

Here's a very rough translation of the synopsis:
He talks about Francisie, modest municipal official and a self-taught-inventor. It would appear that Francis has everything: a big house in a small town, a lot of free time and loving wife. Unfortunately, it was obsessed with inventions. The latest invention Francis was to be a revolution. He had a world to change, start a new era. Francis was perfecting each element, each detail of precision seen only by geniuses and lunatics. He called his invention the cinematograph. Francis, believed that when you have completed the work will be happy. Just forget that no happiness does not last forever.

Trailer after the break.

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