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quietearth [Celluloid 05.28.09] movie news thriller drama crime

From our friends over at Pretty Scary comes word of a new French thriller which looks like its being directed by a husband/wife team and which has one of the co-production companies which was behind Inside and Frontieres (But unfortunately none of the same producers). While not much is known, this sounds like it could go any direction..

One year after her teenage son's death, Sarah's life is in pieces. Then late one night, her car accidentally hits Arthur, a young man the same age as her boy, who suddenly emerges out of the forest and onto the road. Wounded and frightened, he is running from a mysterious assailant, hunting him down after Arthur caught him red handed in the act of burglary...

Sarah sympathizes with him, taking him in, only to be tracked down by the burglar whose murderous rage towards Arthur forces her to take action. Unbeknownst to Sarah, things aren't quite the way they seem... but by the time she finally realizes, it is too late to turn back.

Check out the first couple stills at Pretty Scary.

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