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anglebender [Celluloid 05.28.09] post apocalyptic news scifi video game

If you didn't care for Bethesda Softworks' doomsday-flavored jelly beans, try Obsidian Entertainment's. Hopefully you'll get several bags full next year for Windows, XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3. Fergus Urquhart, one of the original Fallout developers, was recently approached by Bethesda, and reportedly he "jumped at the chance" to work on this project. There aren't many details released yet, other than:

- It will be called "Fallout: New Vegas" not "Fallout 4".
- This is not another expansion or DLC.
- It's not known if it will use the Fallout 3 graphics engine (it'll probably be a whole new set of geometry/art/sound just because of copyrights).

This year's E3 Video Game Expo will have a press conference with more info. Until then, thank the alternate universe fairy for this gift of latitude, that we'll get to experience the "what if" of Black Isle having something to do with Fallout once again.

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S (13 years ago) Reply

Bethesda OWNS the sequel rights and that of the resources, so this was commissioned by bethesda and not obsidian independently, so there shouldn't be any copyright issues.
Redoing it all would be just silly.
Should be mentioned that Josh Sawyer, the project lead for the cancelled fallout3 project at black isle is also the lead man for this vegas project.
As a fallout fan, concider my boner painfully hard.
FO3 was a huge disappointment and I'm happy to see the franchise back in the hands of people who know what it was made of.
Also, fallout wikia has a pretty solid faq on the project;


Anglebender (13 years ago) Reply

E3's over, but there's lots of rickrolls on youtube and Google. I'm watching the horizon, though...


Mr Smiles (12 years ago) Reply

bethesda did a great job! ide never even heard about the fallout games until FO3,dont shun it, i loved it, and the mods and expansions are awsome too. i just hope that Josh Sawyer can keep his stuff together and not stuff it up,

i am SO looking foward to this game


1 (12 years ago) Reply

u r an idiot. fallout 3 was sweet. it took the gaming world 2 a new level. it took the fun of oblivion and made it more opealing 2 the modern world and kids. it made the story line so much better than the first 2 4 the lame computer.


dean smith (12 years ago) Reply

Fallout 3 was the best game of the year it was what made me swap from PS3 to 360 i hated first person shooters before FO3 came out i was hooked when i saw it first trailer at E3 08
i just hope that Vegas has the same in depth game play that will keep me playing for hours like Fallout 3 has


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

iv never played FO1 FO2 but ive watched plenty youtube vids and i must say if fallout 4 new Vegas is anything less then FO3 i will defiantly not be buying it

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