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quietearth [Celluloid 05.29.09] movie news animation drama

One of the directors of the awesome scifi flick One Point O, Marteinn Thorsson, has a new drama in the works, and while it may look like an actual trailer it's just a promo to raise funding. It looks kind of drab at first but with the interspersed animation it could be one serious mindf***.

The story revolves around a young man who lives in a small village in northern Iceland and hates just about everyone. He’s a blogger by day and manages to gather around him vast amounts of enemies with his writing until he’s basically made an outcast from his home town and losing everything and everyone that is important to him. Distraught and angry he takes his horse and rides south to the capital with a gun in his pocket with the goal to assassinate the prime minister and start a revolution.

NSFW Teaser after the break. via Twitch

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rcdude (11 years ago) Reply

You guys should seriously put up a WARNING NOTE if a trailer has mature content in it, because it can get akward when your mom is talking to two customers in office you using the computer from ,behind you and a random sex scene just pops right up in the trailer you're watching, kind of leaving those cutormers (if they just happened to glance ebhind my mom) with wierd-trying to act happy normal expressions on them.)
Ha, my mom and dad own their own auto repair shop. My mom does all the office related work, while my dad fixes the cars, and I use the copmputer in it alot. So yeah.

So anyways, bedides all that, this movie does look intersting. I like Icelandic things-like Sigur Ros and Bjork-and the soemtimes beautifully bleak landscapes...;), so I might want to see it.
The interspersed animation reminds me of Flying Cirucus a and other MP related things.


quietearth (11 years ago) Reply

sorry, I forgot to add NSFW which I usually do.. I'll add it now!

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