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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.03.09] post apocalyptic trailer news video game

Valve Studios have just announced that a sequel to their uber successful zombie apocalypse shooter, Left 4 Dead is on its way later this year. Supposedly a much larger game than the original, L4D2 will feature new co-op and versus campaigns, all-new Survivor characters, boss zombies, weapons, and items, as well as melee combat.

You'll find the new teaser trailer for the game after the break, and, man, it's so action packed and huge in scope it makes me want to pick up the gaming gauntlet and lay me some frying pan smack-down on those evil beasties. Unfortunately, I hardly think my five year old PC will be up for the processing challenge.

Our resident game expert, Anglebender, reviewed the first game a while back so be sure to check that out.

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SeeminglySquare (9 years ago) Reply

This trailer makes me very happy!


unfun (9 years ago) Reply

This is greatness! Melee weapons! Chainsaws! Axes! More weapons! More zombies! More maps! And a frying pan!!


DarkBattM14 (9 years ago) Reply

hmm.. I don't know... I like real blood better... jejejeje... :P :D


themasha (9 years ago) Reply

Well melee weapons are really cool, cause i ran out of bullets really often in LFD, i hope this is more fun ^^

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