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A couple of days ago it was announced by weirdandbeard that the rights to the 1970s BBC show, Doomwatch, had been optioned and rumors abound that the show could be the next on the BBC's recent wave of remakes. This, according to representatives for Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis estate though, who would like nothing more than to see these rumors become fact I'm sure.

Of course, with the beeb's remake of Survivors getting ready for its second season, Day of the Triffids gaining muchas attention, and other pseudo-science show's like Fringe running high in the ratings, it only makes sense that a show like Doomwatch would now be looked at seriously.

Show Synopsis:
Doomwatch - code name of a semi-secret government department set up to keep an eye on, and try to contain, potentially hazardous scientific research. The team, lead by the incorruptible Doctor Quist - observe the scientists while MI6 observe them. Predicting what could happen if a particular experiment or technology got out of hand, this 1970’s drama series is anchored in scientific fact and is sometimes close to reality.

What do you guys think? Sound like a viable show for the BBC to bring back to air?

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Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

No No No, A thousand times No! Original Content is whats needed. The BBC is far too risk averse to commission some of the good new ideas for britih tv sci fi that must be out there...


macstu (13 years ago) Reply

after what they did to survivors i'm with mr anonymous.


Pat (13 years ago) Reply

well, if they remake it, i guess it will be about current issues, not the 70s. so it wud probably deal with homegrown terrorism, maybe iran etc. got enough of tht in the news already, i m thinkin :x


Scott Burditt (13 years ago) Reply

Check out my new site on the original series. I think a remake is long overdue....

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