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Christopher Webster [DVD News 06.09.09] movie news dvd horror

We make no excuses for our adoration for Don Coscarelli’s phantastic Phantasm series. It's easily one of the most ambitious mid-budget horror series' ever and indeed one of the weirdest and creepiest batch of philms ever put to celluloid.

Of course as phans of the philms know all about the legal battle over the rights to probably the best of the series Phantasm II. The film has been released overseas but has never been on DVD here in North America. For years fans have sent petitions to Universal and boutique sites like Anchor Bay asking - nay, demanding - for the film's release. Well, either someone backed down or hell just froze over, because videobusiness is reporting that the film will make its North American DVD debut on September 15th, 2009.

This news is Phantastic!

Check out some four-barreled shotgun action from Phantasm II after the break.

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quietearth (13 years ago) Reply

bout damn time, now wheres Phantasm V?


Anthony D. (13 years ago) Reply



Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

Does this mean I can finally retire my R2 sperical boxset?

Where's PHANTASM 5 indeed?!


GrepACE (13 years ago) Reply

The quad barrel is amazing! So amazing, that it shows up in Phantasm 3 after being tossed as shown in this video. Superb craftsmanship Reg. ;)


Melanie (13 years ago) Reply

Phantasm II on DVD this September?! Outstanding!


Gurski (13 years ago) Reply

I'm Brazilian, I am very "Phan" the Phantasm series. I would ask help from you for information about the production Phantasm 5. I would ask for help for my English, I'm know he sucks.
hope to receive news about wonderful series.
I await news in the email:



laura (13 years ago) Reply

i'll believe it when i see it!!!! I've been waiting for years! Not nice to tease!


ashley (13 years ago) Reply

its sbout time. even though im a teenager i still love these films. hell my dad has the laserdisc and i have the vhs. so its about time. we are glad. : )


PhantasmicCory (13 years ago) Reply

I am not alone in wondering why BubaHoTep is getting another film. I have been waiting for a very long time for the 5th and final Phantasm film to get going. For God Sake Don, Angus isn't getting younger. Shouldn't The Tall Man be brought out for the fifth and final time. As much as I love Angus, age is a huge factor.

I am in love with this series. It is by far superior to any others around. Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, Michael, and the rest get dingy. Not The Tall Man, he keeps the fear alive...without gore, the mind is what gets you.

I will believe it when I see the movie in the stores or even online for sale. I am still in disbelief. Phantasm 2 wasn't the best of the Baldwin. James Le Gros must have attended the William Shatner school for overacting. That is what ruined the movie for me. However, the score was brilliant as for the beautiful Cuda...very nice. Reg was the same old Reg...just a tad tired.

Stand up to Don and demand part 5 be done before it is too late for the one and only Angus Scrimm. I worry about his age and health.

If you haven't met Angus, you have to...he is amazing to be around. His smile fills your heart.


Ted Carter, Jr. (13 years ago) Reply

Well it's about time that I can finally get Phan-2 when it comes out to Best Buy in September so that I can also watch the deleted scenes that wasn't in the Theaters 21 years ago so thatr I can also add it to my Phantasm Collection too. But I doubt that there will ever be a Phantasm V coming out because Angus is already in his 80s. But if someone ever does a remake of Don's Phantasm I movie, there should be a story on how the Tall Man came about as well on how Jody's & Mike's parents were killed or passed away & also on how the dwarves came about too.


Bill (13 years ago) Reply

Hope it's not the edited version they put on tape. I had seen it in the theater and the one sex scene that Reggie had was longer


vivian vigil (13 years ago) Reply

it is about bloody time that part 2 of phantasm came out,now where the hell is part 5
if there is one when is it going to be released
on movie screen or d.v.d


gdmods (13 years ago) Reply

Hope they're doing Blu Ray it's been so long coming.


Frank Leisure (13 years ago) Reply

I like to think I had a small part in the Phantasm II finally being released on DVD. I have been emailing to Universal Studio for the last one year-every single day. I explained to them the benefit on their part for releasing it and also pleading with them. I'm sure the constant nagging drove them nuts and finally gave in.


John E Bailor author of Death Dealt the Hand (13 years ago) Reply

Can't wait to see Phantasm II again!

Now let's get started on part V in 3-D.


mbrayton (13 years ago) Reply

I hope it's not in 3D. 3D cost an additional $4.00 which is bull*&@# !!! Plus they don't let you keep the glasses.
If Phantasm V comes out for 3D, I will NOT go see it and I will NOT buy it on DVD when it comes out either. I saw the original on the big screen when it first came out and have been hooked ever since. Please stick to the original style of movie making. 3D is just another fad that pops up once in a blue moon. Please, don't make Phantasm a fad! It deserves better!


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

I search every where for Phantasm 2, until last month i saw that dvdempire had a pre-order for it. It said that it wouldnt arrive until the 15th but the actually sent it on the 11th and i received it on the 13th. I grew up on these movies and just to feel what i did back then is great, and to get other people into the movies.


Trish (13 years ago) Reply

I was lucky enough to find Phantasm II on September 15th. This movie is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. Reggie is the baddest dude on earth.


Douglas (13 years ago) Reply

i think this release of, "phantasm 2," is a slap in the face to the phans... it's just the movie!? i've spent more money on shitty bootlegs versions at horror cons that i like better than this, because it had tons of workprint footage added in, as well as behind the scenes stuff... this release is just the movie. you think after the shit with universal, we'd get a better release. i'm very let down with this dvd. don, please help us out.


Lena (13 years ago) Reply

I bought the DVD from I can't believe the price actually went up today. There are absolutely no extras. Even the menu has no Phantasm music or any music. Also the scene selections seem a bit off. Usually when you select the scene on any DVD, it goes right to that scene. I'm happy I have the entire collection but I only paid $7 for Phantasm 1 and got alot more.


buzzyrama (13 years ago) Reply

Did anyone else notice the reference to Sam Raimi in the crematorium scene? I'm really curious as to what that was about.


Lena (12 years ago) Reply

I have to retract my comment below…This is one of my favorite Phantasm films. Well done. I can watch over and over again. Best line "you think that when you die you go to heaven…you come to us!!!"

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