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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.09.09] Tuvalu post apocalyptic movie trailer news

This trailer for SCIFI channel's Quantum Apocalypse actually premiered a while back but we neglected to post it for some reason. Then I read a funny story about how the film got its name and I thought I'd finally post it.

Basically what happened was our pal Foywonder over at Dread Central was poking fun at writer Leigh Scott who was having trouble getting his story for a film called "Judgement Day" approved. He mentioned that it was probably because the film didn't comply with what must be a SCIFI rule that all original films have colons in their titles. He joked that he should have called it "Judgment Day: Quantum Apocalypse" and SCIFI would have loved it. Leigh liked the tag so much he presented it. They loved it. Quantum Apocalypse was born.

A group of talented but rebellious 'rock-star scientists' find themselves in a race against time to save Earth when a comet makes an unexpected turn towards our blue planet where all life may cease to exist within days if our small town heroes fail to find a solution.

Quantum Apocalypse is set to premiere on SCIFI channel in September so mark your calendars accordingly. Fans of Farscape might notice that sultry Nebari, Chiana, (played by Gigi Edgley) is in this. Why she's wearing a men's tie with a strapless gown, I do not know.

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zenseeker (11 years ago) Reply

That looks kinda fun :) I hope some fecking money grabbing MP's got sucked into that London wormhole!

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