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quietearth [Contests 06.19.09] movie trailer news scifi contest

And the winners are..

Alexandria Cruz
Tiana Brown
Craig Butta

So everyone picked Monday June 22 at 9:30, so show up, bring one of your friends and you'll be on the list!

That's right folks, we've got 3 DOUBLE SETS OF TICKETS to give away to screenings of The Clone Returns Home at the New York Asian Film Festival. You can purchase your own tickets for each film here.

Just send am email to contest [at] (you know what to replace).
1. Provide your full name
2. Tell us which screening you'd like, either on Monday 6/22 at 9:30pm or Wednesday 7/1 at 11am.
3. The contest ends on June 18th at midnight GMT.

That's it! The winners will be added to the list and you get in free at the door.

Now in case you missed it, this incredible looking film which played Sundance here's the synopsis..

Kohei Takahara, an astronaut who dies in the line of duty, is legally resurrected as a clone: however, contrary to the scientists' expectations, he reverts to his childhood memories when his twin brother drowned sacrificing his life for Kohei. Kohei's clone discovers the body of his former self mistakenly believing that is is his deceased twin. Reliving his tragic past, he sets off carrying his corpse body on a journey to the beautiful hometown where he lived with his now dead mother. What shocking discovery will the second clone of Kohei make in the ruins of his hometown?

You can find the trailer after the break.

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