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quietearth [Film Festival 06.14.09] zombies movie review horror comedy

Year: 2008
Directors: Miguel Martí
Writers: Paco Cabezas
IMDB: link
Trailer: link
Review by: quietearth
Rating: 5.5 out of 10

The Good: An homage to fave American cult, horror and so many other types of films I couldn't even begin to count, an informercial with a price is right section on how to kill, plenty of T&A, and did I mention ZOMBIES? The bad: The bulk of the film (mainly the middle) is poorly written, edited and designed to stitch the flimsy storyline together. You could nap through this part and wouldn't miss much of significance.. but let's get back to the zombies! There's plenty of references to The Evil Dead with groaning and great gore.. and then there's thievery from Scary Movie but it works well. Overall, the film is original in it's approach and will find a niche market but won't achieve cult status. If your a Troma fan, rent it and invite you're friends over and break out the beer bong.

The title is the premise for the film. Oversexed barbie doll, Barbara, is on a rampage through her university, gruesomely (and comedically) killing in what seems a flippant manner. Her couture, immaculate. Her method, precise, but with little regard for getting pinched. A media circus surrounds the string of murders and everyone else involved in the story, from the detective on the case to the student morticians, are as unbalanced as our protagonist.

What worked well was a scene ripped from The Long Kiss Goodnight which almost brought down the house and Barbara opening her fridge and talking to the head of a missing student. What didn't work was the flashback style used to the tell the story and the whining. Yes it had it's good points but that can't make up for the big black hole in the middle which sucked in everything from lack of character development to a specious back story. The flick really didn't pick back up until the end, when the zombies showed up.

The whole point of the plot was not to make some statement about media violence or the state of the world, it's just a writer who took a huge dose of American film and put it in a blender. While I would like to think this was an attempt at humour which was spot on at a few points, in retrospect I think someone with dough commissioned a foreign interpretation of a proven formula for making money.

Sexykiller premiered at TIFF last year and has had minimal play since. It's the film folks, that's why it's been roughly 9 months before it had it's US premiere at SIFF. I wouldn't recommend it but this one may just be your style.

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