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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.16.09] movie news scifi horror

Last week it was reported that Doomsday director Neil Marshall was in talks with Troublemaker Studios to direct Predators, the much ballyhooed sequel to the 80s Predator franchise. Well, it appears that Marshall may not be the only Brit in talks for the project as Michael Bassett, director of the yet released (but so far extremely well received) Solomon Kane, has been hinting at his own meetings on a project that sounds awfully similar. Here's what Bassett's been saying on his site:

I’m going to be in LA for Monday through Thursday next week to meet with a producer about a project I’d love to be involved with. I think I’d do an awesome job – sci-fi, action, aliens and violence – everything I became a director to do.

and then...

"I pitched my little heart out for it. I met with the producer... and spent a pleasurable few hours chatting about his work and achievements as well as this project. He’s a director as well and it was really interesting listening to some of his war-stories. He’s not much older than I am but has been far more productive in his time and I was pretty blown away by that sheer heads-down determination and work ethic he’s got."

"Though he’d seen Solomon Kane and really liked it, the film of mine that he dug most was WILDERNESS. He responded to the strong performances of the young cast and sheer ferocity of the kills which I think plays to elements of this project.

Not much, but there are a couple of clues here. First, the fact that the producer/director responded well to an indie thriller like Wilderness says a lot about his own sensibilities. Rodriguez certainly fits that profile. Also, how many large profile films that fit the "sci-fi, action, aliens and violence" profile are out there and director-less right now? Predators certainly seems to fit the bill here. And lastly, Bassett has tweeted in the past that he respects Neil Marshall. He comments that "I think I know who’s most likely to get the job out of the other names I’ve heard and if I’m right, then we’ll all get a great movie;" which makes me think that the two are in line for the same project.

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