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quietearth [Celluloid 06.25.09] movie trailer news drama

After a year on the festival circuit with only a couple of short clips, Christine Molloy's and Joe Lawlor's Helen finally has a proper trailer and an impending September 7th DVD release in the UK. Reportedly slow paced, hypnotic, and leaning towards arthouse cinema, I've been waiting to see this film for some time now.

An 18 year old girl called Joy has gone missing. Another girl called Helen is a few weeks away from leaving her care home. Helen is asked to ‘play’ Joy in a police reconstruction that will retrace Joy’s last known movements. Joy had everything. A loving family, a boyfriend, a bright future. Helen, parentless, has lived in institutions all her life and has never been close to anyone. Gradually Helen begins to immerse herself into the role, visiting the people and places that Joy knew; quietly and carefully insinuating her way into the lost girl’s life. But is Helen trying to find out what happened to Joy that day, or is she searching for her own identity?

Trailer after the break.

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Disillusioned (11 years ago) Reply

Now that's more like it from the UK film industry. It looks pretty good and introspective, so I'm guessing these filmmakers weren't supported by the UK film Council.

Can't wait to see this flick!


Pat (11 years ago) Reply

again its harsh social realism thou, no escapism here.

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