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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.26.09] movie trailer news short horror thriller drama

Origin is a 13 minute short written and directed by UK screenwriter Danny Stack (who incidentally also runs a pretty popular scriptwriting blog you should check out). A supernatural tale about a teen who gets bitten by a mysterious creature and undergoes a disturbing transformation, the film is also a drama about a mother trying to keep her family together in the face of complacency and tragedy.

Claire isn't appreciated by her boorish husband and feels estranged from her teenage son Freddy. Whatever love once existed for this modest family has turned into complacent routine.

When her son, Freddy, comes home after being bitten in the woods, Claire thinks it's a straightforward dog's bite. However, a supernatural disease takes hold of Freddy's body and he undergoes a disturbing transformation. Freddy's admitted to hospital but soon afterwards, he goes missing. In a desperate attempt to salvage their relationship and keep their family together, Claire and Jimmy rush to the woods to find their son. However, a startling reality awaits them.

As of now I'm not exactly sure where you can see Origin in full but we've got the trailer for you after the break. Be sure to check out the film's official website for more info.

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