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quietearth [Film Festival 07.14.09] movie trailer news comedy fantasy

Don't let the horrendous poster to the right fool you, this actually looks pretty good. Buratino is loosely based on Alexey Tolstoy’s renowned children’s book "The Golden Key", is an Estonian/Russian co-production, and is a "trash-comedy, full of explosions and songs, targeted first and foremost at those suffering in their teens." Not sold yet? Check out the trailer.

In one autumn night Maria Carlo, a single woman, wishes for a child. Upon fulfilling her wish, a magic seed from out of space flies into the room impregnating her. And into this world a strange wooden boy is born, whom the overjoyed mother names Buratino. Buratino grows to be an ordinary teenaged brat, who doesn’t live quite up to his mother’s expectations. Artemon, Pierrot and Toivo, his awkward friends, all play in a band and occasionally sell Mamma Carlo’s buns in the part of town where rich people live. They usually create a disturbance, mock the police and look for inspiration for the songs of their band up there.

Airily wandering young delinquents fail to notice that a giant skyscraper has been erected in downtown, where Carabas Barabas, a malevolent billionaire, has set up a trap, for only to find a boy-bomb – a boy, who is half wooden, half human, inside of whom grow millions of magic seeds. When Carabas Barabas’ world conquering plans cross paths with the pranks of Buratino and his friends, a chaos ensues, the like of which the town has never seen before. A whole world is on the verge of peril, while winning the heart of Malvina, a gorgeous daughter of Carabas Barabas, is up for grabs. Buratino accepts the challenge!

Trailer after the break.

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Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

So, you'll post any trailer that features someone wearing a gas mask, right? :) LOL

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