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Christopher Webster [DVD News 07.14.09] movie news dvd

Not a lot of genre releases of note today folks, but its still a great week as Spanish plague flick REC streets! I know a lot of you have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of what is easily one of the most influential foreign horror films to hit the film scene in recent years, so enjoy. Of course, if you jumped the gun and watched the movie's American sister film, Quarantine, then you should know it's basically the same movie.

Also out this week are a couple of horror corkers from our friends at Lionsgate. Jonas Ã…kerlund's apocalyptic thriller, Horsemen (review) streets as well as the popular haunted house yarn, Haunting in Connecticut (review) comes out on double disc, unrated edition.

Last but not least, we have a fantastic Criterion release. Al Reinert's documentary on the 1969 lunar landing, For All Mankind hits.

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"REC" turns on a young TV reporter and her cameraman who cover the night shift at the local fire station. Receiving a call from an old lady trapped in her house, they reach her building to hear horrifying screams -- which begin a long nightmare and a uniquely dramatic TV report.

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A recently widowed detective still grieving over his wife's death discovers a shocking connection between himself and the suspects in a serial killing spree linked to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Haunting in Connecticut
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After a family is forced to relocate for their son's health, they begin experiencing supernatural behavior in their new home, which turns out to be a former mortuary.

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