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quietearth [Celluloid 07.15.09] movie trailer news action crime

This thing is beautifully shot (Red One I'm guessing) and contains quite a bit of action and potential. Japanese/Danish actor and co-director David Sakurai tells us it's in the style of Nicholas Refn's pusher trilogy in that it depicts the underworld of Copenhagen, Denmark.

This teaser is a bit rough as the film's still in post-production, but it looks great! The movie stars Stephanie Leon (Hush Little Baby), David Sakurai (Fighter), Daniell Edwards (Westbrick Murders), Erik Holmey (Conan The Barbarian) and Slavko Labovic from the Pusher trilogy!

UPDATE: Thanks to reader dexta who provided this translated synopsis!
A couple of rash decisions suddenly gets fatal concequenses for four young people. The young couple Johnny (David Sakurai) and Milla's (Stephanie Leon) safe every day life takes a unexpected turn when an old childhood friend, Nino (Daniell Edwards), suddenly makes contact with the young couple. Nino's little brother Miki (Dennis Haladyn) has a huge debt and needs to come up with 850.000 dkk (about $160.000) by midnight the same night. The three friends hunt for money leads them deep into the dirty underworld of Copenhagen (Denmark) and within a short time after Nino's rash decisions, they find themselves as the hunted prey in the streets of Copenhagen. This night - Loyalty, Love and Friendship is really put on a test!

NSFW teaser after the break.

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