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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 07.15.09] movie trailer news scifi dystopic

Writer/director Digna Sinke worked for eight long years to bring her dystopian drama, Atlantis, to the screen, and now, with a new trailer, it's starting to look like her film will soon get its chance to shine on the international stage.

In the painterly world of her film, the media have been abolished leading mankind into existential confusion. Sterile-concrete living and working environments are filled with signs of totalitarian commands like; "unity = strength and progress." It's all very 1984, but less war-torn and more pristine. It looks quite stunning, though I hope it's also a compelling story and doesn't fall into the classic European trap of being all about slow motion shots of moving escalators or something.

Shy, thirteen year old Xenia doesn't feel comfortable in the overly-regulated society she lives in. In search of a place for herself she discovers an island on which time doesn't seem to exist. This is where she finds the key to her future.

You can watch the trailer for Atlantis after the break.

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