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quietearth [Film Festival 07.18.09] movie trailer news drama

This reminds me of The Royal Tenenbaums, but for my tastes it sounds far superior. A Swiss indie premiering at the upcoming Locarno Film Fest, a young man is cast out only to find himself on the roof, and moving into the trees, vows never to set foot on the ground again. Hulk want see!

Fifteen-year-old Alex is spending the summer with his beloved 18-year-old sister Freya in a farmhouse in the middle of a forest. It is a world of play and dreams, and they live with their younger sisters, their mother and their eccentric father, an aged Russian emigrant. When Alex and Freya are caught by surprise in a very intimate game, however, the familial balance is shattered. The father casts out his son, who manages to rescue himself on the rooftop. Alex swears to Freya that he will never set foot on the ground again and promises to wait for her forever. Moving from tree to tree, he progresses ever deeper into the forest.

Teaser after the break. It takes a couple of minutes before you get to real footage.

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pat (13 years ago) Reply

that pic reminds me of christian bale in rescue dawn.


Bob Doto (13 years ago) Reply

Oooo... this looks good. Can't help but be reminded of The Celebration, but don't mean to pigeon hole...

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