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quietearth [Film Festival 07.21.09] movie news horror

I've had my eye on this for a while as we've been closely watching Australian film and while we were holding off on posting news on it.. well, it's kind of pointless now as it's part of the TIFF Midnight Madness lineup. In a reversi of many classic sick kidnap tales, a quiet girl and her father are behind the madness here. We've heard it's quite twisted.

As the school formal approaches and decisions are made about what to wear and who to go with, Lola Stone, the quietest girl in school, asks her secret love Brent to go with her. But Brent is already going with his girlfriend, Holly.

Upset with the rejection and with the formal only hours away, Lola and her father plan for Brent to be with her regardless. But it’s not the school formal, it’s a demented, sadistic and exclusive party hosted by Lola and her father – where the entertainment is Brent himself.

UPDATE: Stills after the break!

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