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Christopher Webster [DVD News 07.28.09] news dvd

I hope this is a pay week for some of you because this is easily one of the best weeks for DVD releases we've seen in quite a while. First on the list of must-sees is Adam Wingard'z long awaited Pop Skull (review), coming to us courtesy of boutique distributor Halo-8. It's a truly original peice of film making and even made our favorite films of 2008.

Next we have a great release form the Troma team (if you can believe it), Combat Shock (director's cut) (review). This stunning 2-disc 25th anniversary set of Buddy Giovinazzo's obscure cult film is a definite must-see for fans of American underground cinema from the 80s (or any era really).

Next up is the Anchor Bay release of Aussie teen thriller Acolytes. I viewed a screener for this one about a year back and really liked it. It's a decent indie mystery/horror with some great photography. Well worth a view in my opinion. Also form Anchor Bay this week is the indie comedy Bart Got a Room (trailer).

From Magnolia we have some kaiju live via Big Man Japan, a favorite for Japanese film and monster lovers. They're also releasing the indie Norse journey in the new world Severed Ways which I've got a screener for. It's a bit slow, but if you're into that kind of thing, check it out. Not from Magnolia but on the Japanese tip is Tak Sakaguchi's action comedy Samurai School.

From our friends at the arthouse distrib Facets comes the Ballardian Japanese mystery Mike Yokohama: A Forest With No Name (review) which comes in a double package with some old-school dirtiness in Who Wants to Kill Jessie?. They're also releasing the a favorite of Scorsese and Coppola, some Polish Napoleonic wars weirdness in The Saragossa Manuscript.

Want more? Ok.. how about low-budget zombie revenge flick Melvin? (review) It had serious potential but was poorly edited.. still, if you're into zombies and B-flicks, check it out. Criterion is doing a re-release of Roman Polanski's weird fantasy rape film Repulsion. Last off is the Italian scifi, human-hunting classic 10th Victim.

Last but certainly not least is the mega release of Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series boxed set. Creator Ron Moore may have lost the plot somewhere in the middle of season 3, but BSG is easily the best robots- destroy-all-puny-humans drama series we've seen, or are bound to see, in years.

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