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quietearth [Celluloid 07.29.09] movie news music drama

I didn't know about this film today, but it looks like a stylish 50s rock and roll drama, although the time period is vague. Shot on 35mm in black and white it has some great music. Apparently it ran the fest circuit a few years ago and hasn't seen a release, until now. It will be dropping in France on September 16th.

A group of friends living in Paris have two things in common: their love for 1950’s rock‘n’roll music and their working-class origins. On the weekend, after a night of beers and stupid fights, they set off in a half-wrecked car for a rock concert at Le Havre. A young woman, her boyfriend and two other young men get lost, fight again, get lost again and finally end up at a beach near Le Havre. The concert is getting under way and the whole of the French rockabilly scene is there. Lots of beer is consumed again. Somebody starts a fistfight. Then the concert is over and our friends leave, heading back to Paris.

Two trailers after the break!

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Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

I think this might be a modern view of psychobilly counter culture. In each trailer modern cars were shown.

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