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Currently in pre-production, Hans is based on the works of Hans Christian Anderson with a scifi twist, androids! A Thailand/Singapore co-production, Wisit Sasanatieng will be directing with Eric Khoo producing. I love the sound of it!

Hans is a tribute film to Hans Christian Andersen. Borrowing characters from his books such as the Steadfast Tin Solider, the Ugly Duckling and the Little Match Girl, the film is set in the not too distant future. It traces the adventures of android Hans (meaning Brave in Thai). Built with a defective leg, Hans is sold off to a local Bangkok mafia boss to be his bodyguard. In the dark and crime ridden streets of Patpong, he befriends a little girl droid who sells matches and it is also there in one of his boss’ A-Go-Go bars that he chances on and falls in love with a beautiful but mute dancer android who once was a mermaid. Hans sets out to discover out more about the girl of his dreams and her sad past. Along the way, he has to fight off other androids that his boss sends to kill him.

More as it comes! via Twitch

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