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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 07.31.09] post apocalyptic movie news

Gas-s-s-s (also known as "Gas! or It Became Necessary to Destroy the World in Order to Save It") is exactly the kind of groovy youth flick you would expect to come from the mind of B-movie legend Roger Corman. The last flick Corman directed under the AIP moniker, the film is less a post-apocalyptic dark comedy and more a chance for Corman to cash in on the youth movement and show a lot of hippie chicks dancing around in short skirts. However, if you have cult worshiping inclinations, Gas-s-s-s is also a very intriguing relic and certainly an original PA viewing experience.

It's about a military experiment gone awry, where some sort of new gas kills everyone on earth over the age of 25. Teens inherit the earth, but will they live up to their ideals?

Believe it or not, Gas-s-s-s is even available on DVD, as a double feature with Wild in the Streets, another AIP classic. You can check out a particularly rawkus clip after the break. If the apocalypse is this much of a party then bring it on!

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Lemming (13 years ago) Reply

Golf playing bikers and sand buggy jocks.

Can't beat it.

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