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quietearth [Celluloid 08.03.09] movie trailer news drama romance

UPDATE: The distributor decided to take down the five clips and replace it with one. Sorry folks, I'm guessing it was IFC behind this!

We've been following this great looking film since Sundance and even posted the first footage or "quasi-trailer" back in April, and while we still don't have an official trailer a few new clips and a new poster just dropped today. Here's what Variety had to say in a review: "An exquisitely tender tale of two young Euro immigrants trying to find themselves (but not each other) in contempo London, Unmade Beds has a lively, romantic spirit that recalls the playfulness and spontaneity of the French New Wave." It's been picked up by IFC for distro in the US, as well as a host of others for other countries and will be dropping on September 2nd.

Someone send me a bloody screener already!

Unmade Beds interweaves the stories of two young foreigners as they seek to rediscover their roots and romance in the vibrant world of London's East End. Twnety-year-old Spaniard, Axl arrives in London on a quest to find the father who abandoned him when he was a child. Taking up residence in a vibrant squat in a hip London neighborhood, he finds himself alongside other colorful characters from all over the world, drawn to London's melting pot.

Among them is Vera, a beautiful Belgian girl recently abandoned by her boyfriend whose faith in romance is gradually rekindled when she meets a charismatic stranger. Agreeing not to swap names or numbers, they embark on a passionate and mysterious affair, but when one fails to show, have they let the opportunity of their lives go forever? Axl and Vera's bittersweet stories of love and friendship are interwoven through the film until their paths finally cross, helping each other to forget the past and discover their future.

Clips after the break.

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