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quietearth [Celluloid 08.06.09] post apocalyptic scifi drama

We've been following this film since June of last year and I've been eagerly awaiting it ever since. It's already screened at a couple of fests, and we posted the first trailer, but now I've found a second trailer which make the film look even better (like I needed more convincing). From Hungarian director Roland Vranik, the story revolves around all telecom and tv inexplicably stop working throwing our characters into withdrawal. We're not sure on the entire story, but we're categorizing it as post-apocalyptic as it sure looks like it.

We also have a full synopsis now:
Imagine a world where all the screens have stopped functioning: TVs don’t broadcast, computer monitors are blank, the entire telecommunication industry has disintegrated. An information breakdown plagues all the cities. People who normally spend their lives in front of these screens are now having what can only be described as withdrawal symptoms. Because of this inexplicable and irrational phenomenon, the world panicked.

The story starts months after the initial chaos has died down and society has started to develop alternate ways to manage the infrastructure and individuals, their lives.

The film’s main characters are three brothers struggling with this new reality in a city by the sea. The wife of one of the brothers succumbs to this withdrawal. Through unfortunate circumstances, he kills her, and all their fragile lives take a turn for the worse. Together or alone, the brothers must overcome their personal tragedies while the world around them crumbles.

Trailer after the break. This is a must see!

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sonaboy (12 years ago) Reply

LOVE the music in that spot. This looks pretty cool.


Marina (12 years ago) Reply

This looks excellent but I have to admit it was the synopsis that sold me (along with a very positive review from the not-usually-on-the-ball dudes at Variety). I definitely want to see this one.

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