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quietearth [Celluloid 08.06.09] movie news scifi dystopic

Update: Thanks to our readers who pointed out the title is wrong (but I did find one mention of it so maybe it got renamed early on?). Apparently the real title is The World Jones Made which is a post-apocalyptic film where there's a global government and Relativism emerged as the governing political orthodoxy. Wow, sounds a lot like liberals today, hah! Check out more info at the Wikipedia page.

After the disappointing news that Gilliam was dropping his incredible sounding scifi flick Zero Theorem and doing his long planned Don Quioxte film, which honestly I won't care about until I see footage. Yes, I know it's Gilliam, yes we'll watch it.. I'm just mad Zero Theorem isn't going forward. Anyways, our friends at /Film are reporting that Gilliam was meeting with PKD's daughter to possibly do an adaptation of a dystopic story called The World According to Jones. I can't find anything on this other then it was a "novel from the 1950s"

Here's what Gilliam had to say about PKD and the adaptation:
Philip K. Dick is always been one of my favorite writers. He doesn’t go where that road takes you. I’m actually meeting his daughter tomorrow… One of the things that is… there’s another one that people don’t know called The World According to Jones. Do you know that one? That really fascinates me… where we’re in a world where basically everything is relative. It can’t be black and white because there’s a more religious fundamentalism that we’re talking about. So now everything is relative. And then the idea that a guy comes along that can see the future, and it is not relative… that intrigues me, and I don’t know exactly how to do it.

Has anyone read this story or has further details?

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dubqnp (12 years ago) Reply

I think you mean 'The World Jones Made' ?


Daniel (12 years ago) Reply

Yes, it is The World Jones Made, and it is a brilliant story about a precog that much more subtle and epic than Minority Report, and manages to touch on aliens, genetic engineering, post-nuclear war politics, and did I mention it is from 1956?



wolfeyes (12 years ago) Reply

Look on the bright side with regard to Zero Theorem. It's one less movie staring Billy Bob Thornton.


Jory (12 years ago) Reply

Wow... that was the first PKD book I ever read. And now Dick is my favorite author. While Gilliam has always been my favorite director. I'm in effing heaven right now.

Thanks for the post.


dubqnp (12 years ago) Reply

I recall Gilliam having talked about wanting to make a PKD movie before. That was years ago. To me this sounds like a "I'd love to do this" project that might never materialize.

Am still hoping it turns out to be real.

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