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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 08.12.09] United Kingdom movie trailer horror thriller

Brit director Johannes Roberts made waves in the horror scene a few years back when he created the first Mobile phone series, When Evil Calls. Then in 2007, Roberts worked that series into an extended feature starring Sean Pertwee and Dominique Pinon, which was released by Lionsgate. What he has been working on recently has been a bit of mystery... until now.

His new film is simply titled F (as in the grade) and it looks to be the latest endeavor in Britain's recent wave of what I'm now coining as "hooligan horror" (see Eden Lake). We have received a small synopsis from Roberts, but I can't help but wonder if it will be a revenge movie where a humiliated teacher exacts some justice and hands out fails to all of his rowdy pupils. That would be sweet.

F is a terrifying thriller about a group of teachers trapped in a school after hours by a group of hooded kids. The film is set in the vast and deserted labyrinth of endless corridors and empty classrooms of one of the largest schools in Europe.

He also told us that; "the film is actually a very creepy and violent thriller - think "Assualt on Precinct 13" meets "Them" (Ils) rather than "Eden Lake!"

The film is currently listed as in-production with a confirmed cast of David Schofield (American Werewolf in London / Valkyrie) and Eliza Bennett (Inkheart) Ruth Gemmell (Fever Pitch), Emma Cleasby (Dog Soldiers), Juliet Aubrey (The Constant Gardener), Finlay Robertson (The Disappeared), Tom Mannion, Chris Adamson (Judge Dread), Jamie Kenna (Bank Job) and Roxanne Mckee.

The hoods themselves are played by parkour specialists to enable them to appear from anywhere, jumping down unseen from several metres above their unsuspecting victims, using the huge school as their own horrifying climbing frame.

We were asked to take the early sales reel for the film down, but we have been given the very first images from the film proper which are after the break.

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Sunolet (12 years ago) Reply

looks like parkour is finally getting its own fair bit in the media, course its usually used by the bad guys which sucks but could be nothing at all


John Bentley (12 years ago) Reply

Is Christopher Till part of the cast? Cos me, myself and I cant find him in it.


James (12 years ago) Reply

Chris till is in the cast...amazing actor


spooky (12 years ago) Reply

Ian Cullen is in the trailer, he's bloody good!


. (12 years ago) Reply

the college is a shit hole


KIt Kat (11 years ago) Reply

After watching the full movie a few months back, i feel it's story line could be considered a bit slow at points, but the gore effects (especially when the mangled women is crawling down the corridor) and the element of surprise from the hooligans are highly effective. Oh not forgetting the ending which is a bit of a twister.


Bob (11 years ago) Reply

What part does Chris PLay?

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