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quietearth [Celluloid 08.12.09] Japan movie trailer anime news scifi action

Admittedly we're not much into anime around here, but we couldn't pass up on this film which looks dystopic, if not straight up post apocalyptic. Scifi, action, far future, monsters? Yeah, we'll give er a go.

The story follows Kasumi, a girl who was infected by a pandemic virus along with her twin sister Shizuku. Kasumi — but not Shizuku — was chosen to be among 159 other people who were placed into cryogenic suspension until a cure is found. The 160 wake up in the dark future populated by monsters, and Shizuku must survive while she searches for clues on what happened to the world and her sister.

Trailer after the break, and thanks for the heads up from our friend at AHT.

Official website

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lookf4r (12 years ago) Reply

looks a bit cheezy


Sylvia (12 years ago) Reply

It doesn't look so bad. I wouldn't mind watching it.


JenS (12 years ago) Reply

It looks like a pretty faithful adaptation of the manga. That had a pretty cool story going around in it.

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