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Christopher Webster [DVD News 08.26.09] news dvd

Once again, major apologies for the tardiness of this DVD release post people. Please just chock it up to extreme laziness.

There are some great indies hitting DVD this week. Some I've had the pleasure of viewing and some I've not seen yet but have been recommended by friends. First up is the twisted Sick Girl (review) coming at us from Synapse films. [Amazon link]

Then we have the Mexican American co-production, Rudo y cursi, about two rivaling step-brothers. The film was produced by arguably one of the greatest living directors Alfonso Cuarón and played at Tribeca to good reviews this year. [Amazon link]

Greg Mottola's teen coming-of-age dramedy Adventureland also streets this week. This is one that I was impressed with as it wasn't the watered down comedy I was expecting but had a real brain in its head. I must say I'm still on the fence about Jesse Eisenberg. He's not quite as awkwardly charming as he makes himself out to be and honestly not that funny. Maybe Zombieland will turn me around on the matter. [Amazon link]

Verity loved Sunshine Cleaning when she caught it in the theatre so I'm pretty sure I'm in for a viewing. However her taste is great (hence my marrying her) so I'm looking forward to giving it a spin. [Amazon link]

Girls in bikinis fight zombies in Onechanbara (trailer). [Amazon link]

That is all.

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