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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 08.26.09] Turkey movie news drama

Winner of both the "best film" and "best screenplay" at the 2009 Golden Boll film festival, Turkish auteur Pelin Esmer's strange little drama about two lonely men brought together by a shared (though very different) obsession with "the collection" of an old pack-rat is just unique enough to have piqued our interest. With some great HD photography that reminds of BBC tv shows from the mid eighties and two great performances from actors Nejat IÅŸler and Mithat Bey, 10 to 11 look like an interesting viewing experience.

Living on the fourth floor of Emniyet Apartment Building, Mr. Mithat has, against all threats he has faced, managed to protect his collection, which he has been working on for years and that has left him with only a small space to live in. Any piece that he searches for to maintain the coherence of the collection could lead him anywhere in Istanbul. For Mr. Mithat, Istanbul is as unlimited as his collection. When his building manager Ali threatens to tear down the building, a fight for the integrity of the collection begins.

Watch the trailer for 10 TO 11 after the break.

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