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quietearth [Celluloid 08.28.09] post apocalyptic trailer news short comic

Thanks to reader Lord Fakenham, we got the heads up on a Norwegian PA graphic novel which is in the works, and while we know little about it, we do have some user submitted videos for it. Based on an alien invasion of Earth, the story revolves around a family and their fight.. and it might have something to do with Planet X, but I can't make out the translation. There's apparently no panels for the comic yet but we'll keep you updated!

Translated synopsis:
Anunnaki offers an earth where humanity is about to succumb and are fighting a desperate battle against the supremacy - respectively aliens. We follow a small family in the new world after the apocalypse. Here, there is little feel-good love, fun and plenty of explosions and conspiracies, robots, UFOs and cyborgsamer!

You can watch the videos after the break and check the official website.

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Ferdinand (12 years ago) Reply

I'm from Sweden and understand a little bit of Norwegian since it's quite similar to Swedish. According to the website, the comic book has been released and is available for order. Just to let you know.

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