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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 08.31.09] Netherlands movie trailer news thriller

The Dark House is a new Dutch thriller based on a popular novel called "Back to the Coast" ("Terug naar de kust") written by crime-writer and freelance journalist Saskia Noort. No, we don't know much about this one, but since we were all immediately impressed by the photography in this first trailer we decided to help spread the word.

Soul singer Maria chooses to abort an unplanned pregnancy rather than bring a third child into her already chaotic life. This single action ends up destroying everything in her life as an unknown and increasingly malevolent stalker harasses her for choosing an abortion. Fleeing her life and former boyfriend in Amsterdam, Maria returns to her family home on the desolate seaside to stay with her social-worker older sister, abandoning everything except her children in a desperate bid to escape.

The film is directed by quite a famous Dutch TV director named Will Koopman and stars Linda de Mol and Ariane Schluter.

No word on an international release date yet, but word is that The Dark House will open nationwide in the Netherlands on October 29, 2009.

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